References Playgrass

  1. Amersfoort

  2. Ski Fun
    They have Playgrass for a year now on their two slopes, and they find it great. The trainees are making much faster progress. A teacher is even able to let very young children from 5 years old letting go of the bar soon while skiing. Despite intensive use, the Playgrass carpet is still good for many years.

  3. Amsterdam

  4. Indoorski & Squash Watergraafsmeer
    They donít want no other carpet other than Playgrass, which they have used for one season now.

  5. The Hague

  6. Indoor Ski Discovery
    We have Playgrass on our four slopes and it is still very good for skiing and boarding after a year of intensive use. We will certainly will use the same carpet for a another year and even have good hopes to use Playgrass for the season 2008/2009.

  7. Deventer

  8. Ski Promotion Deventer

  9. Hillegom

  10. Skicentrum Hillegom
    Playgrass is used on their two nine-metre slopes to their full satisfaction. The skiing resort will use Playgrass for at least another year and have good hopes to use the same Playgrass for a third year.

  11. Joure

  12. Ski Centrum Joure
    Rob Spaanstra (the owner) is very satisfied with Playgrass. The National Championships Synchronous Skiing, held in April 2008, was a big success partly due to the good topping! The carpets are still considered as new, so a second year with the same carpets may not be a problem.

  13. Middenbeemster

  14. Indoorski en Snowboard De Kloek

  15. Rotterdam

  16. Indoorski & Snowboard Rotterdam
    On one of their three slopes they already use Playgrass for three years!

  17. Schiedam

  18. Ski- & Snowboardcentrum Rijnmond

  19. Spijkenisse

  20. Holland Indoorski Spijkenisse

Testing Playgrass
The colleagues and we ourselves are very enthusiastic about Playgrass.
We would like to offer the possibility to come and test Playgrass yourself.

Send us an e-mail or call us to make an appointment.

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